Thanks Bob, for the logos :)

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When I have decided to create a website to share my art works, one of the first thing that came to my mind is “Let me ask Bob (a.k.a Dinesh Babu 😉 ) to create some logo for me. Bob is my college mate and a talented guy whom i have always respected and have my share of memories as a friend. I said to him about my website idea and that he has to design some logos for it. He said, ‘sure, Srini’ and asked whether I have any design or idea in mind. But I really don’t have any. I bluntly said, ‘something simple would do Bob and create some logos that you feel will look good on this website’.
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Hello People

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Welcome to my blog! Here I’m planning to post some of the things I have explored in art, experienced in life and stuffs I would like to share. You can find more about me in About Me page.