Hello there,

I’m Srini, hailing from Gobi, a town in Tamil Nadu (India) and currently working as an Analyst in a renowned software company. I’m a self-taught artist and using this talent given by god in a good way that I can 🙂 I have had few inspirations and my mom is my very first. Still I remember those days as a kid where she use to hold my hands and teach me how to draw with slate pencils. She might be missing those days as I’m, but that’s the way life goes isn’t it. Time and world waits for none.

Though I’m keep exploring lot of art mediums, Madhubani Art style is my favorite and expressing my thoughts in this art style always gives a sheer satisfaction comparing to others. Any form of art molds a soul and any level of work done by a person will always remain dearer to them, irrespective of others likes or dislikes. Because no other knows the moment being spent with an art work better than the artist. No one’s world is lesser to anyone, and I welcome all to my world.

A journey with my art works!

Few Words,

When we start our life as a kid, we might got inspired on lot of things and might have had lot of dreams for our life. Some would want to roam around the world and see all the places, some would want to play all the times, some would want to be loved by everyone, and it goes on. If you take a closer look, whatever makes us happy would have been in our dream list as we want to stay happy. Whatever we don’t have it but we want to have it, then it will also be in our dream list as we want to live happy and peacefully. However life is not a friend for all every time.

When life goes on, lot of things change. We may lose/gain precious things/moments/persons in our life, and in the end people may have to lead a life, the one different from what they dreamt of, mostly with sorrows, complaints and frustrations. We cannot chase/get the happiness and peacefulness in outside world, as it lies within us. It’s always about doing things that gives a bit of satisfaction amid whatever situation we are in. Try to find such habits inside you and express yourself. But just ensure that it is not achieved by hurting others.