2014 June

Thanks Bob, for the logos :)

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When I have decided to create a website to share my art works, one of the first thing that came to my mind is “Let me ask Bob (a.k.a Dinesh Babu 😉 ) to create some logo for me. Bob is my college mate and a talented guy whom i have always respected and have my share of memories as a friend. I said to him about my website idea and that he has to design some logos for it. He said, ‘sure, Srini’ and asked whether I have any design or idea in mind. But I really don’t have any. I bluntly said, ‘something simple would do Bob and create some logos that you feel will look good on this website’.
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நாய் குட்டி!

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My younger sister is an avid pet lover. Once when we were walking back to our home there was this cute little puppy plying on the street. She made me to stop there and I was just enjoying all the reactions and gesture she was making. Out of nowhere a Mini Auto ran over the puppy and  left my sis in tears and myself in shock. She started yelling at the driver like anything and even went to an extend to hit him. I had to console her all the way and walk her to home. Wrote this Tamil rhyme in memory of that little puppy and for my sis, with a happy ending.
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